For all our existing Schools, Businesses and Individual KAZ users, who purchased in 2016 or before, please logon to our legacy program by clicking below.

Kaz legacy program
The legacy program will only run to the end of the academic shool year 31/07/2017. After this date only the new KAZ program will be available.

New KAZ users as from 01/01/2017 please logon to our new Online program by clicking below.

HTML5 version
For the best user experience we suggest you use Chrome.

All existing KAZ Online Administrators will automatically be provided with access to ‘KAZ 2017’ and should you wish to migrate to the new system prior to 31/07/2017, simply contact us and we will provide you with migration notes or should you prefer, we will be happy to assist you. However, certain data fields such as ‘Boomarks’, ‘Start Date’, ‘Last Used Date’ and ‘SpeedBuilder Score History’ cannot be transferred - so for the easiest transition, we suggest you start your new Enterprise with an empty database when you are ready.